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Give a new dimension to tutoring!

  • Unlock your full potential and effectively engage and manage your co-hort.
  • Easily track progress, create and schedule tests, communicate with parents, and access resources all in one place.
  • Enhance your tutoring experience and maximize student success with the Tutor Portal.
  • Sign up today and take a step towards a new tutoring experience!

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  • What is the Tutor-Portal?

    The Tutor-Portal is a Goto11plus product curated for tutors. The main aim is to enable tutors with an effective and profitable portal to create questions, make exams, assign exams and effectively help students be the best versions of themselves through analysis of the students on our dashboard.

  • What are the advantages of using Tutor portal?

    Some of the advantages are: -

    • Cohort Management: Efficiently manage multiple students in a cohort, making it easier to track progress and tailor teaching approaches.
    • Progress Tracking: Seamlessly monitor each child's development, identify strengths and weaknesses, and adapt teaching strategies accordingly
    • Lesson Scheduling: Conveniently schedule lessons and manage availability, ensuring optimal time management for tutors and students.
    • Parent Communication: Facilitate open communication with parents, providing updates on student progress and addressing concerns promptly.
    • Streamlined Platform: Enjoy a user-friendly interface, simplifying administrative tasks and saving time for tutors.
    • Student Success: Foster improved learning outcomes and student success through effective tutoring strategies and personalized attention.
  • How does one register and start using the Tutor-Portal?

    Click the Try Tutor-Portal today CTA button and register, then log-in after the registration, select the subscription plan and start using the portal.


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